Gets into your system in as little as 10 minutes.

4x Absorption

Proved 4 times the absorption of oil-based formulas.

More Complete

So you get more CBD than oil-based formulas.

Proprietary Formula

Turns premium hemp CBD into a fomula your body absorbs better.

4x Better CBD Absorption

Smartsorb Technology offers 4x greater absorption than oil-based CBD products such as tincture or softgels.  The current top-selling ingestible CBD products like tinctures or softgels are oil-based solutions, which have a lower rate of bioavailability.  That’s because when CBD is extracted from the hemp plant — along with other cannabinoids, fatty acids and plant oils — it is a viscous, highly hydrophobic substance. Given that our bodies are up to 60 percent water, there is a clear barrier to bioavailability that many oil-based products do not address.

That’s why we invented Smartsorb Technology, which unlocks the power of CBD to be better absorbed by the body. Smartsorb™ technology turns premium hemp-derived CBD into a water-soluble emulsion. This emulsion is optimized for precise delivery and timing, so that more of it gets into the body, and it works faster.  In fact, in human pharmacokinetic studies, NextEvo Naturals Premium Pure CBD has been shown to have 4x greater absorption than oil-based CBDs and to get into the body in as little as 10 minutes.