Better Absorption

When CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it is a highly hydrophobic substance.  Most CBD manufacturers have chosen to leverage oil-based formulations such as tinctures or softgels.  The challenge is that very little of this oil-based CBD is bioavailable, and most is destroyed or removed from the body by the digestive process without ever being absorbed.  That’s why we created Smartsorb™ Technology, which is clinically shown to have 4x greater absorption than oil-based CBD products.  Smartsorb™ technology turns premium hemp-derived CBD into a water-soluble emulsion, which is optimized for precise delivery and timing, so that more of the CBD gets into the body, and it works faster.


Better Rest

Melatonin is well-established as a natural hormone that helps with the sleep cycle and helps people more easily fall asleep.  The challenge is that it does not last long in the body, and many people have trouble staying asleep through the night.  That’s why when we created Triple Action CBD Sleep.  It works in 3 ways:

1| CBD to help relax the mind

2| An immediate release dose of Melatonin to help relax you to sleep

3| An extended release dose of melatonin works later to help you stay asleep