It’s a new year, and your chance to create a new path for yourself. When there’s uncertainty in the world at large, the best way to level up your world is to focus on what you can control. We’re sharing tips on both big and small actions you can take to improve your day to day, create a healthier environment for yourself, and show this year who’s boss! 

  1. Give Unto Others- Activities such as gift-giving and volunteering benefit the recipients, and they also provide the giver with both mental and physical health benefits. Finding ways to give your time, talent, or resources will improve the world around you, and provide a boost to you as well. 
  2. Adopt A Plant - Having indoor plants at home has numerous science-backed benefits. A study published by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that indoor plants can reduce people’s stress. The study compared participant stress levels, indicated by blood pressure and heart rate, after they performed a computer task and after they re-potted a plant. They found the plant activity lowered participants’ stress response, while the computer tasks did not. Many plants also clean the air and improve air quality. 
  3. Declutter Your Digital - Closet de-cluttering is ever popular, but digital clutter can weigh you down too. Go through the apps on your phone and delete the ones you haven’t used in 6 months or more. Filter your email and delete newsletters from last year that you’ve never read, but that are still taking up space in your inbox. You’ll be more productive when you can easily find things you’re looking for, and more focused when you have less digital clutter to sort through. 
  4. Try Something New - Trying new things forces your brain to operate differently. Adding a new activity to your week doesn’t need to be time-consuming or complicated - it can be as simple as joining a new fitness class or signing up for an online webinar. The new information can stimulate creativity and naturally make you more present.  
  5. Keep Looking Ahead - We’ve all experienced the disappointments of canceled trips or events or get togethers in the last few years. Make a list of things you can plan or look forward to that are in your direct control. Anticipating good things to come can help you level up your mood and motivation. 

One last tip - the Day to Night CBD pack can help you stay focused and rested, so you’re that much better prepared to take charge of your year and your world!