According to research reported in Forbes, 80% of people abandon their New Year’s Resolutions by February. These tips can help you be part of the 20% that keeps resolutions on track. 

Resolutions are for the new year, not just for January, so it’s never too late to start, re-start, or amp up the goals you had in mind at the beginning of the year. We’ve broken down some of the most common resolutions with specific ideas on making them work - including ways CBD can help. 

Improve Fitness

Achieve Resolutions: Fitness
Whether it’s weight loss, exercising more regularly, or starting a new routine altogether, fitness is one of the most popular New Year’s goals. Putting a schedule together at the beginning of the week is one way to help make sure you’ve budgeted time for exercise. Committing to the schedule means making sure you’re rested and recovered from one workout to the next. NextEvo Naturals Premium Pure CBD Extra Strength can help reduce inflammation and support muscle recovery so you’re ready for your next workout.

Learn a New Skill

Better Ways Achieve Resolutions - Learn New Skill
From learning a new language to cooking more healthy meals at home, new skills and hobbies make a regular appearance in resolution lists. One way to stick to your plan is to weave in some accountability - find a conversation partner for your new language or offer to cook a friend dinner. Learning new skills also requires focus that is harder to maintain when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. NextEVO Naturals Triple Action CBD Sleep can help you get the rest you need to wake up refreshed the next day. 

Get Organized

Another perennial favorite goal is getting organized in one form or another. One way to get started is to start with a small task first - such as cleaning out your junk drawer rather than tackling your entire closet at once. This will help feel accomplished and motivated to keep going. Another way to stay organized is to automate. Set up the auto-save feature in your bank account to save more, and automate bill payments to always be on time. You can also automate wellness with NextEvo Naturals subscriptions. Your favorite products will arrive at your door in the timing you choose, and you can pause or cancel anytime (just choose the subscription feature when placing your order). 

Remember that it’s not just the end goal that matters, each step along the way is a measure of progress.