The new year presents an opportunity to kick start some healthy habits, and level up your wellness game. The key word here is habit - the more you can integrate routines into your approach to wellness, the more likely you are to stay consistent. 

More specifically, habits and decisions are managed by different parts of the brain. If you can turn a wellness goal into a habit, your brain will manage it on an easy auto-pilot track. Decisions require more effort, and when you’re tired, it’s harder to make that effort, and therefore easy to fall back into old, less healthy habits. Here are some ideas to help you build in wellness habits, from morning to night. 

5 Ways To Achieve Your Best Wellness

  1. Wake up Refreshed - Sleep is the foundation of nearly every other wellness habit. If you have trouble falling asleep, or wake up in the night with your mind racing, weave in Triple Action CBD Sleep to your bedtime routine, and notice the difference in your sleep patterns. 
  2. Get Ahead of Your Workout - You’ve likely been there: you totally mean to workout, but you get caught up with work, family, and the obligations of the day, and the next thing you know, the day is gone. If you can, get dressed in your workout clothes first thing in the morning. If that’s not possible, put your running shoes by the door or pack your gym bag, so you can grab and go when the opportunity strikes.
  3. Speed Your Post Workout Recovery - One of the best ways to level up your exercise routine is to create healthy post-workout habits. Post-workout recovery is something many people overlook. Taking time to include a proper cool down, an after-workout stretch, and muscle recovery aids can ensure you’re ready to go for the next workout, rather than skipping it because you’re tired and sore. Premium Pure CBD can help you bounce back. 
  4. Meal Prep - Healthy eating is easier when you work in a few minutes to meal prep at the beginning of the week. Clean and chop some veggies, so they’re already prepped and ready to throw into a meal. Whip up a few smoothies and keep them in containers in the fridge. A once-a-week prep habit can lead to healthier eating throughout the entire week. 
  5. Keep Wellness On Hand - Stock up on your wellness staples, whether it’s sunscreen, vitamins, or water filters, so you have everything you need to keep up with your healthy habits. To make this easy for you, we’ve introduced a new Day to Night CBD pack, so you have CBD with 4x better absorption whenever you need it, morning, noon, or night. 

Leveling up wellness begins with small steps. Taking even one of these steps today will put you on the path to better wellness in 2022.